The Klegg M6: "It's hard to believe that such tiny speakers produce such a detailed sound." What Home Cinema, July 2003 _______________________________ Ease of use, accompanied by a beautiful design and high end sound could only mean one thing: The Klegg M6 501 complete home cinema system. This page highlights: what the system includes, the high end features and the technology behind the Klegg M6 - "the tiniest high-end loudspeakers." Klegg M6 Home Cinema Speaker System: group shot wall/foot mounts on hand series system w. stand Human Acoustic Technology home theater systems, home theatre, surround sound, dvd, home cinema Developed specifically by Klegg Audio - each driver utilizes a special mix of acoustic materials designed to replicate natural sounds as received by the human ear. This gives you an exceptionally accurate and life-like sound reproduction. Zinc Alloy Satellites: Innovative Technology Each of the M6 'egg' satellite speakers is machined from 4mm thick zinc alloy. The harmonic properties of zinc alloy are unlike any other material ensuring that the sound you hear is what was intended rather than harmonic distortion created by cheaper enclosure material. Of course, zinc alloy is expensive but satellite enclosure materials such as plastic or aluminum simply do not have the harmonic qualities necessary to fully re-create the movie theatre experience. The Klegg M6 Processor Board: Has been engineered to eliminate system noise during signal amplification. This means all you will hear is the intended DVD or CD sound track in exceptional clarity. Side Mounted Subwoofer: The Klegg M6 subwoofer features an 8" side-mounted driver. This allows for superior adjustment of Low Frequency Effects depending upon the size and shape of your room. The slim-line subwoofer design also allows for ease of subwoofer placement whether this be beside the screen or in a corner of the room. Check out the M6 Review by Audio Video Revolution